Your Success Will Attract Many Followers

Success doesn’t happen overnight but comes through honest hard work and determination.

Failure is simply an opportunity to discover success.

When people fail, we can get stuck in cycles of negative thoughts, believing that success is not possible. 

The truth is that success is within reach if we are willing to make an honest assessment of ourselves, and to put in the work to grow and overcome.

When we are pushed to our limit, we often have a breakthrough. To get there, we must be determined and never stop chasing success.

Success is more than simply money, for that doesn’t bring happiness and blessings. On the road to true success, we gain a better understanding of ourselves, learn to conduct ourselves ethically, stay true to our beliefs, and care for our loved ones.

Once you are successful, you will have much to offer others. Don’t let them take advantage of you, but use your platform to help others to grow, too. After all, you most likely learned from others who were successful, and your knowledge is of greater value when you share it.



Many persons want to become successful, but the road to success has many challenges. These challenges can cause persons to change their focus. When an individual or organization plans to be victorious, they must be aware that there are many possibilities for failure. However, there are many good lessons that failure will teach those who plan to be successful, so everyone must learn from failure. 

As a person assesses their past, they must keep it behind them, as there are some things they will never be able to change. Trying to rectify some previous failures would take too much effort, so be willing to move on. There will always be naysayers, but ignore them and move forward in your mission.

Everyone must identify who they are. Too often, people allow others to label them, but every individual must know who they are and identify the resources they need to become successful. Every individual is called to run their own race. Therefore, know your race and run it with zeal and enthusiasm. Do not try to run in another person’s lane; stay in your own lane and head towards the finish line with the aim of getting there first.

Developing a positive attitude is important for success. Your attitude can attract many like-minded persons to assist you. You may also have a need for coaches and mentors, so connect with them as you work towards your victory. Do whatever you know is best for you to be successful. This means knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are and spending time developing your strengths. 

Listening to inspiring persons may be a good source of energy to push you towards your success. These individuals will make you feel that all things are possible, and you will be encouraged to accomplish your mission.

If you have run your race and are now successful, then congratulations to you. However, look out for those who will suddenly follow you. There are many persons who will only follow you because of the prestige and money you now have as a successful person. Look out for persons who will encourage you to engage in unethical practices. Do not violate the laws of your country, since your reputation may soon fail.

Build a good relationship with media representatives, since they can either help harm your career. In whatever way you can, look for opportunities to help others to grow. They may need support from you, and if you feel inclined to help them, then you may be giving them an opportunity to become successful. Remember, if you do not manage your success and those who follow you, then you may soon fail. Not all those who follow you are supportive of you. Some persons like the attention they gain when they associate with successful persons.


We should never let our past failures determine our success. Here, Geary Reid inspires you to learn from your mistakes, face your strengths and weaknesses, and not be afraid to pursue success. As you hear negative voices—in your head or from others—you may be tempted to give up. Yet, you can overcome if you ignore those voices and press on, being willing to grow and finish the race. In the end, your success will be full of reward. When others see the successful and good life you are living, you will naturally have followers.

Author Bio

Geary Reid has read about and seen many success stories. When persons become successful, he sees their followers increase in number. Reid remembers the values his parents taught him in order to succeed, even when he had limited resources. His religious beliefs and professional knowledge have helped him calmly and ethically pursue success.

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