Trading Poverty for Prosperity

Prosperity does not come overnight. It results from years of cultivating the right mindset and habits.

You may have been born into poverty or experienced its negative effects, but author Geary Reid knows your story doesn’t have to end with financial struggle. As someone who journeyed from poverty to prosperity himself, he uses his firsthand knowledge to illustrate the steps you should take to avoid or overcome poverty in all areas of your life, from your spending habits, to your education, to your occupation. Reid offers a thorough examination of the mindset needed to pursue a comfortable lifestyle, offering essential insights that will help you get your life on track and make wise financial decisions for a secure future.



If a person wants to trade poverty for prosperity, he or she must first understand the true definition of poverty. Poverty may be more than someone thinks. This text contains many simple illustrations that allow a person to digest the important information.

In this literature, the information is carefully apportioned into two sections. In the first section, which provides clarity about poverty, information is provided that may help one to escape poverty. People should not treat poverty with any respect, since poverty must never be in their lives. With a clear understanding of poverty and its causes, they can decide what to do about it. Some people treat poverty as their companion, thinking often about it, despite their lives not progressing. They should divorce poverty, because poverty does not have a defense lawyer.

Poverty often wants to take more than it brought to a person’s life. Poverty may see someone having success and bring that person down to their knees, because that is all poverty knows. Many persons and organizations benefit from the poor. Some of them are happy to see people remain in poverty, since it works in the direction of their success.

The second section of this text provides many ways to escape for anyone who is trapped in poverty. Prosperity is available for everyone; there is no formula for prosperity. However, people need to do certain things to achieve success. Many sit and wait for others to make them prosperous while the things needed for their success are within their grasp. But when people begin to learn from the ordinary man and those who are wealthy, then, and only then, can they begin to strive for a better life.

Success for some people is within their grasp. Some of them have talents and skills that they are not aware of, and those hidden assets can allow them to become prosperous. Others need to increase their knowledge so that they can secure well-paying jobs or become entrepreneurs. It is also important for people to move away from depending on others and to think of ways in which they can help themselves. Increasing their income must be something they work toward. However, as they increase their income, they must also manage their expenditures. Failing to do so can cause a person to move from prosperity to poverty.

Few people were born into a life of prosperity, but many have made their lives prosperous. Prosperity is available to those who will seek to become prosperous. When a person becomes prosperous, they must seek to help others to become prosperous as well. This may include providing donations to people and organizations. Some organizations have engaged in corporate social responsibility to give back to other persons and organizations. Moreover, every parent must strive toward being prosperous so that they can leave a good inheritance for their offspring. While a parent may not have had a prosperous life as a child, they must provide one for their children. It is important to break the cycle of poverty that often follows some families from generation to generation.


Trading Poverty for Prosperity will transform your mindset from trying to satisfy your daily needs to planning for success. No one wants to live from hand to mouth, and Geary Reid seeks to help those in poverty learn to become prosperous. With helpful tips on increasing profitability, this book is a must-read for people who live in communities with a poverty mindset. Anyone can become prosperous, and Reid can show you how.

Author Bio

As someone who has experienced poverty firsthand, Geary Reid wants to help others avoid it. Growing up, he did not have many of the things he needed or wanted, but through perseverance, he pushed past those struggles to pursue a better life and was able to change his mindset, cultivating an attitude of prosperity. He realized true prosperity means more than having a lot of money: It means having what you need. Reid believes that those who are prosperous should assist the impoverished, since everyone deserves a good life. He aims to live out that principle through this book.

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