Preparing for Work

Learn how to enter the wild world of the workforce, carry yourself and others to success, and get ready for a restful retirement.

Entering the working world can be intimidating and difficult. In Preparing for Work, Geary Reid offers a wealth of crucial advice to those looking to start a career, climb the corporate ladder, and prepare for a long and relaxing retirement. Learn the basics of how to survive and thrive in the workplace and make the best of your unique skillset, and through your own determination, you can ready yourself for a life of success.



This book has been prepared with much simple and practical information that you will need to know as you get ready for the exciting world of work. It aims to provide the required information for those who are actively seeking employment, those who are already employed and those who are pursuing to transition from one sector to another—private to public and vice versa. Oblivious to the differences of employment conditions within the two sectors, this book seeks to assist in making this move as seamless as possible. Ironically, all relevant pieces of information required for persons retiring are often available; however, the same is inaccessible for those who wish to be employed.

Preparing for Work is a tool intended to help qualified/skilled persons on how to obtain the best-fit job. It also speaks to those who are employed but have no job satisfaction while aspiring to be successful and motivate others. Finally, the author imparts to the reader the beauty of retirement.

While work plays a fundamental part of man’s existence, it is imperative that a positive work-life balance exists. Successful people are not necessarily those who work hard but those who work smart. One of the greatest challenges in the workplace is personality clashes. However, to create harmonious working environments, managers must understand the basic principles of human behavior and how to manage human resources. While some challenges in the workplace may be unbearable, they are usually designed to prepare the employee for higher responsibilities. What is critical is how these challenges are managed. This publication provides practical experiences presented to guide the reader on the requirements needed to join the workforce, the challenges encountered during work life, the wonderment of retiring and the life after work. While many other literatures provide information about these stages, this book identifies how to go through these stages while living life to the fullest.


The world of employment is full of excitement and uncertainty. Using years of experience in business, author Geary Reid aims to help skilled jobhunters find the careers that best suit them, whether they are entering the workforce for the first time or are simply seeking a better position. Preparing for Work encourages employees to inspire others, motivate themselves, and prepare for a comfortable retirement. With the help of this book and your own efforts, you will be ready to flourish in the wonderful world of work.

Author Bio

Having played an active role in several business organizations, Geary Reid knows the importance of establishing a good work ethic before starting a career. Choosing a field of study is crucial in preparing for a role in the workforce, but many also change careers several times before retiring. Through his books, Reid aims to help readers learn how to make the most of their careers and find success.

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