The Benefits of Working

Working has many benefits for you.

Working can have many benefits, including meeting your financial needs.

Most people who are able-bodied need to work to survive. Yet, a paycheck is not the sole factor for those who choose to work as there are many other benefits. Sometimes workplaces will cover medical expenses, offer sales commissions, or provide savings or pension plans.

Working can also provide a sense of purpose, offering opportunities to learn new skills, discover talents, and advance in one’s career. Many people find work to be a fulfilling part of their lives.

Work also provides many opportunities to network and to build friendships and relationships of different kinds.

Work is an essential part of life, as you will learn in this book.



Working is a big challenge for many persons. Due to the challenges that employees may share with their friends and family, some persons decide that they hate work. Children may see their parents working long hours and make up their minds that they do not want to work with any organization. However, while work will always have its challenges, there are many benefits for those who are employed.

Employees know that as long as they perform their duties for their leaders, they will be compensated at the end of the week or month. Many persons would like to have greater compensation, but they must remember that many other persons do not have any regular flow of income, so they must be thankful for whatever money they receive. This compensation will allow employees to meet their financial needs, and if they use their money wisely, they may be able to construct their own houses, purchase vehicles, or have savings. Those who are working may also receive many other benefits, such as sales commissions, bonuses, medical benefits, various allowances, and long service awards.

When persons are working, they have the opportunity to develop many friendships among employees, customers, suppliers, and representatives from government agencies and the private sector. Besides the friendships that some employees may enjoy, there are opportunities to find companions at the workplace. Many persons may not join an organization looking for a companion, but their quality of work, mannerisms, and lifestyle may cause at least one of their fellow employees to be attracted to them, and thereafter, it is time for marriage and family life.

As persons go through many stresses and family challenges at home, they may seek employment as an escape from their home and family issues. In this case, the money may not be the main reason why they are working, but because they can spend most of their time away from family matters and stress, they consider this a worthwhile incentive for relieving the pressures and monotony of home life.  

Those who are working may recognize that they can engage in daily exercise that will keep them in shape and allow them to be healthy. The diet that persons consume must be carefully monitored if they want to remain healthy.

When persons work, they can develop professional skills in many areas. Those whose skills are developed may benefit from an increase in compensation, as they may be promoted because of their knowledge and skills. The workplace can cause many persons to find their talents. Working may also allow persons to be a source of motivation to others, as other persons choose to work because they want to be motivated. From this literature, the reasons why persons choose to work will become clearer to you. So, work hard and smart. Be a great employee and enjoy your benefits.


We all need to work to survive. Not only do we have to pay for food and bills, but we also have to earn money to save for a house or retirement. Yet, there are many other benefits to working, such as the opportunity to get out of the house and make friends. For some people, work can be a nice escape or can build their confidence as they learn new skills and grow in their abilities. It can give one a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Work is valuable, and here Reid shows us why.

Author Bio

Author Geary Reid has worked many different jobs over the last several decades. Here, he shares his knowledge and experience of working to encourage others to look beyond work challenges to see the many benefits of working. He wants others to recognize the value and importance of work beyond simply earning a paycheck.

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