Teachers are the Key to the Future

The next generation needs vital guidance, support, and education from teachers, as they will shape the future.

Geary Reid has witnessed first-hand the lasting impact teachers can have on a child. For a child to become a successful learner and find direction in her life, she needs caring and intelligent adults to instruct her. Through Teachers Are the Key to the Future, teachers, parents, and students will learn the important roles they play in the education process. This instructive book lays out the steps for a teacher to become successful, touching upon other roles the teacher might find himself fulfilling, such as counselor or athletics instructor. Reid also addresses important topics such as lesson planning and classroom discipline, as well as a number of issues teachers, mentors, parents, and students may encounter.



Teaching is the process of directing learning. Thus, a teacher is the director of the process of learning. Learning is the change in behaviors which comes about by active engagement of the senses of the learner. Learning is personal; it takes place inside of the learner.

Teaching is not for the fainthearted, and not everyone can be a teacher. Teaching is an exceptional job, and while it can often be compared to parenting, teaching and parenting differ significantly. Despite the sacrifices teachers make for the development of others, many teachers receive inadequate compensation.

As you read this book, you will become aware of the many sacrifices teachers make. While they sometimes complain, they usually keep their pain to themselves and simply carry on with another day’s work. Children are not always angels at school, as parents often believe.

In this book, “students” refer to children and adults engaged in formal learning, from preschool to university level. “Teachers” refer to the wide group of educators who provide formal learning, such as schoolteachers, lecturers, facilitators, professors, and instructors.

Any person who wants to become a trained and qualified teacher must be willing to complete a formal learning program. The program will equip them with essential knowledge and skills that will enable them to deliver quality output to students who are hungry for knowledge. Before a teacher reaches the classroom, they must be prepared, including with up-to-date lesson plans.

Teaching can be provided in the classroom setting or online, and many interactions between students and teachers take place within the classroom. However, the teacher must take control of the direction of the discussion, so that the teaching objectives are realized. Supervising students is never easy, but it is necessary.

Sanctions must be established and enforced, and many stakeholders should be involved in establishing these sanctions for students. Moreover, although teachers can become fearful of students sometimes, they must find approaches to overcome such fear and help students to learn.

Homework, assignments and final assessment take up much of a teacher’s time, both at the learning institution and at home, but this is often necessary to assess students’ progress in a timely manner. Some parents are very involved in their children’s homework and assignments, but each student must complete the final examination. Many teachers provide mock examinations to help students prepare for final examinations.

Teachers may have many meetings to attend, which reduce their precious contact time with their students, but attending meetings is an important duty for teachers, as these better equip them to teach and to keep parents informed about their children’s development. Furthermore, schools need money, and teachers may have to be involved in some fundraising activities, especially in the absence of parents.

Teachers help many students to determine their career paths. They also help link students with others who help them with their career choices. Considering the impacts teachers have on students’ lives, teachers must be appreciated more. Currently, one day a year has been identified as teacher appreciation day. However, teachers deserve to be appreciated regularly by those whose lives they have touched or are touching.


Teachers are an integral part of childhood education, helping each child learn and find direction in her life. Geary Reid’s Teachers Are the Key to the Future is written for teachers, parents, and students, exploring the role each plays in education, focusing specifically on the role of the teacher. Both informative and instructive, the book lays out the steps for a teacher to become successful, touching upon other roles the teacher might find himself fulfilling, such as counselor or athletics instructor, and providing a guide to important decisions about lesson planning, classroom discipline, and a number of other topics concerning teachers.

Author Bio

Geary Reid loves sharing knowledge with others. He is familiar with the learning process and wants to spread the message that teaching can be fun—but it can also be challenging. Though he is not a schoolteacher, he has taught in varying contexts, including tutoring students, teaching employees, and teaching Sunday school. He also regularly teaches bible studies and facilitates other major church services.

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