God Delivers His Children From Crisis

Trust in the Lord in hard times, and He will deliver you.

Everyone faces crises in their lives, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Throughout the Bible, God was with people who trusted in Him, and He will be with you, too. Just as God delivered Joseph from his wrongful imprisonment, He will rescue you from the trouble you are facing.

Those firm believers like Ruth and Job proved themselves faithful even when they suffered much loss. God doesn’t prevent Christians from getting into bad situations. Sometimes, a believer will be in a crisis because of his faith, like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were. Yet, we should never give up but trust in the promises of God as He has shown us throughout scripture.

Believers should remember in hard times that God has not forgotten about them. God will deliver you from your crisis, as Geary Reid reminds those who read this book.



As a believer, have you asked yourself why bad things happen to believers as they serve the Lord? Sometimes believers feel like giving up or quitting on God because of the constant challenges they have encountered. If you have ever felt this way, then this literature is just for you, to show you that you are not alone and that God often uses your challenges to give you great victories. Keep pressing on with the Lord and do not quit.

The Christian life is never a life free of problems. Surprisingly to many believers, there are times when God allows bad things to come straight to them. Although they may want to hide or run away from challenges, God will find them and redirect those challenges to them. 

The life of believers will always be tested, but God will receive the glory when they overcome their challenges. The challenges that believers are experiencing today are not permanent; therefore, this season will soon pass. When God assigned you for greatness, he also assigned great challenges to come your way. 

Sometimes, your gifts annoy your good friends and other believers. Many persons may become envious of what God is doing through your life, and they may plot to harm you. God often has conversations with Satan in which he boasts about your character. Satan hates the success that believers have, so expect Satan to be going after you and other believers. 

Believers must quickly recognize that they are not fighting against each other but against Satan, since Satan wants to see their destruction. However, for Satan to come close to believers, he has to get God’s permission. Therefore, God knows about the bad things that happen to believers, and he will deliver every believer at the right time, as long as they stay faithful to him.

God can cause temporary barrenness, famine, or even death, just to get glory out of those situations. Remember that God is a miracle worker, and whatever you are going through, God knows about it and will be there to rescue you. There is no fire nor flood that can overtake you when God is fighting on your behalf, but he wants you to experience bad things so that he will protect, promote, and bless you. 

While your struggles may be many, you will be victorious if God is in the boat with you. Satan is powerful, but he is no match for the power, skills, and wisdom of your God. Do not argue with God when you are going through bad times, but continue to trust God and praise him during the storm, as he is about to bring you out and cause you to have much laughter. You are not the only believer who has experienced bad things, but through it all, God is still on your side, and you will be victorious through all the bad things that will happen to you. Stand still and see the salvation of your God over the works of those who want to do bad things against you. 


Life is full of trouble, but you’re not alone! God does not prevent believers from getting into difficult situations, but He is with them through those hard times. God is a protector and provider, as we see in His word. We need to look no further than the Biblical examples of Job, Joseph, Daniel, and Ruth to see evidence that people who are faithful in a time of crisis will see God’s deliverance. We can be encouraged by scripture whenever we’re struggling and trust God to fulfill His promises.

Author Bio

Reverend Geary Reid has experienced many hardships in his life, and he has learned to steadfastly follow the Lord no matter what. He wants to comfort other believers who are struggling and encourage them to remain faithful to God. Through his years of studying and teaching scripture, he has learned that God will always give his people victory, and he wants to encourage believers not to give up.

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