Why Attending Church is Important

Learn the significance of church attendance and how you can become more involved in your faith community with this new book by Reverend Geary Reid

Stop going to church out of habit. Instead, learn how to really engage with Christian worship and become involved in your ministry.

Church attendance is a vital part of Christianity. However, many believers do not actively understand why they go to church, instead attending out of tradition or ritual. This new book by Reverend Geary Reid outlines the many ways church can strengthen your relationship with the Lord. Based on his years of ministry, Reid also discusses how you can become a positive role model for other members of your faith community. With this deep guidance, you can discover your purpose within God’s church.



Many persons attend church but sometimes cannot justify why. They sometimes give unconvincing answers. Attending church must never be an activity simply to spend time or a ritualistic activity. Therefore, this literature provides many reasons why persons should attend church so that believers will have an appropriate answer to the question, Why do you attend Church?

Attending church is one of several critical things believers must do. Believers must also have a personal relationship with the creator, love people and serve people, to name a few. Every person called to the ministry has a purpose, and therefore they must find their purpose and fulfil their destiny. As they serve the Lord, they will need to embrace other peoples who serve the Lord just as they do. There are many benefits to corporate worship, corporate study and corporate testimony. Believers can be alone and serve the Lord, but they must fellowship together to help other believers to become a stronger force against the adversary.

It is highly anticipated that after persons read this literature, they will want to attend and be involved in church, as there is always a call for more labourers for the body of Christ. No one individual can do everything that God needs to be completed, so more hands and minds will make the work of the Lord on the earth a rewarding task for people.

Some of the information and examples learned in the church will help persons to live victorious lives as believers. At many churches, there may be a mentor and protégé relationship, as some persons share their knowledge and experience with others, all with the intention to improve the protégé.

This literature is divided into three sections, allowing for easy and systematic reading. Both believers and non-believers will find this literature useful, as there are many debates as to why persons should or should not attend church. Some say they can serve the Lord from wherever they are.

People need the church, and the church needs them. Many persons will be able to exercise their skills in the church, as the church is a good learning institution that equips them with practical life lessons.

Whenever someone visits a church, they must expect to leave the church with something. They will be blessed throughout the worship, prayer, communion and many other important activities that occur at the church.

Sports allow many people to showcase their sportsmanship. The church is not a boring place, but everyone must help the house of the Lord to affect the lives of every person. Those who are saved must create opportunities for other persons to receive the creator as their personal Lord and Savior.


Attending church is one of the most important responsibilities of Christian life. Some followers of God have never understood the need for church attendance, whereas others attend simply out of habit or ritual, with no real reason. Aiming to educate fellow believers, Reverend Geary Reid offers this comprehensive exploration of the role of church attendance in Christian worship, including how church can strengthen your faith, put you in touch with positive role models, and help you navigate major life changes. Through the power of God, you too can discover the importance of church.

Author Bio

Reverend Geary Reid hates missing out on time in church. He understands that he can worship God alone, but he prefers to meet with other members of the faith community so they may better serve the Lord. On weekends, he wakes up early and takes care of any tasks for the day so that when he returns home from church, he has plenty of time to reflect. He even attends midweek services after work. Though he gets home late, he appreciates the time spent sharing and learning about the Lord with fellow believers.

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